Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Color of August, 2009


You may remember several days ago I had a poll running asking you to pick one of five colors to see a post on.  L’oreal’s Flight and Carmen from Zoya had no votes cast for them, YDKJ had one, two votes were cast for Misa’s Love Bite, and one person wanted to see another set of colors to choose from altogether.  I’m sure I will blog about those two colors eventually, and the person what wanted some other colors will be in luck very, very soon.

But the clear winner, with six votes, was the nameless concrete grey from StrangeBeautiful.


019 (3)


I gotta say – I love this color.  It is a stunning, blue-toned grey creme.  My pictures don’t quite do it justice, as it’s much darker in person.





With flash

It’s obvious how over-the-moon I am about this color because of all of the pictures I took of it!  This is done at two coats, and application was flawless.  If it weren’t quite so expensive, I’d say that this varnish alone would be worth the purchase price of the whole set.


Sunny window






I’d say the most true-to-life colors are the ones you see at the bottom.  Poking around Google images, I think that the best name for this color would be “slate grey.”



That swatch, from Polymax, seems just about right.

I wore this lacquer for three days without even the slightest chip threatening.  In fact, had I not needed to remove it for work, I’d’ve been thrilled to leave it on five days or more. 

It’s that great, that chic.


The bad news is that you can’t just buy this color.  You need to get the entire Library of Color.  And it’s limited edition, so if you want it, get it while you can.  The good news is that the other colors are gorgeous, too.  You can see my full set of swatches here.

These can be purchased at lucky scent (backordered, international shipping), Bergdorf Goodman (in stock, international by phone), or, as I’ve learned recently from Lucy and Mary, Neiman Marcus (same as above).

You get two videos to choose from today.  At first I thought I would cheat in *August*us Gloop, but I remembered I already did a Willy Wonka scene recently.  So you can skip over this video if you like --



-- and instead listen to this lovely piece that I only just found.  I have not seen (nor heard of) the movie this appears to have come from, but I now want to see it!



And there you have the Color of August, 2009.  A lovely choice, I must commend those who voted for it!


  1. That's such a pretty gray! This looks great on you! I would like to try the Library of Colors, the mustard color intrigues me in the one collection.

  2. Oh I love this color! Looks amazing on you!

  3. Just love the whole collection.Looks gorgeous on you. I'm so glad that I already own these.

  4. beautyjudy - Thank you so much! That mustard yellow is gorgeous, and I love my SBs, but I feel it fair to let you know you can also get OPI's The "It" Color as well. Just so you have options :)

    kittyluvscolor - Thank you so much - I so fell in love with it, myself!

    Lucy - Thanks so much; you're going to have to dig yours out soon! Let me know how you like them when you do :)