Saturday, August 8, 2009

Top *three* choices??

I must admit – I am terrible at the “Top X” lists. For one thing, I am almost too flighty. As soon as I say A Christmas Carol is my favorite book, I have to think about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. But then there’s also The Dogs of Babel.

How can you compare different genres? Does Wizard of Oz have any business being placed above or below The Edible Woman? And what about David Sedaris, huh? What about David Sedaris???

[Seriously, he’s hilarious! If you’re anything like me you’ll laugh until your sides hurt when you hear this, so make sure you’re somewhere you can laugh to your heart’s content.]

Anyway, all of that to say I can’t pick favorites. So I may, someday, create a Top list of nail polish, but as of right now, I just couldn’t commit.

Unless, of course, prizes are involved.

Helen reported on her and Sheenie’s blog about a contest being held for a Nails Inc pedicure pack (and, simultaneously, led me to another great blog – The Nail Buff). So, barely out of the gate, I’m going to try and pick three favorites.

I decided to go with colors that I like, specifically, rather than the lacquers. By that I mean I’m taking any sense of personal meaning out of my choices. So polishes that are particularly valuable to me because, say, someone special gave them to me are essentially off of the table. Those would be too hard to choose between.

I’m also trying to put out some polishes that aren’t talked about as much, so they can get some love, too.

So a quick, down-and-dirty choice of three colors for me comes to . . . the envelope please.

(In no particular order.)

Revlon’s Crème Brȗlée:


This is actually a near-dupe to another favored color of mine that I’ll give a full entry to later. That one, however, is discontinued, and this one is actually a “New Shade,” as you can see my the sticker on the handle.

It’s not an over-the-top exciting color, but I like the hint of gold, and shimmer, hiding in this varnish. But it’s also a perfect work-appropriate color, which I (heavy sigh) really need more of.

China Glaze’s It’s My Turn:


Okay, I freaking LOVE the Kaleidoscope collection CG released in 2006. I know this isn’t exactly a collection without love, by any stretch of the imagination, but IMT isn’t a color I’ve heard mentioned all that often, and while I love holographics, this was a first for me to have both a beloved holo and gold. Lurve it. Just lurve it. And it lasted beautifully, without a single chip, for three days until I had to *sob* remove it.

StrangeBeautiful’s brown:


(Please ignore the sad state of my cuticles!)

You know I had to include one of my SBs! And as I’ve mentioned before, every time I picked a favorite, even among this limited group, I wanted to pick another. So I simply chose one and told myself to stick with it.

I truly do find this brown to be utterly drool-worthy, though. I don’t have too many chocolate browns in my collection. Hmm – in fact, I think this is my only one! But it’s a great color. I love wearing it.

Interesting. I notice my three choices come pretty much from the same side of the color wheel. Ah, well; I’ve made my choices, and I stand by them!

What do you think? Any favorites? Have you selected any colors for the contest? (By the way, you have until July 12!) If so, let me know in the comment section – I’d love to take a peek!


  1. Thanks for the pics! China Glaze’s It’s My Turn looks awesome! Another one to add to my LONG list of must-haves! LOL

  2. It so is - I couldn't stop taking photos of it! If only holo pics truly displayed how magnificent they were. . . .

  3. Thanks for the clip! Really funny. My favorite polish is BB Couture's Poison Ivy. I can pick one but not others! Love the holo collection. I can stare at my nails for hours.

  4. Ever since I read my first David Sedaris essay, I've been hooked! I can read them, or hear them, over and over. No BBs in my collection yet, though :(