Saturday, August 22, 2009

One of my absolute favorite colors


I know, with a title like that. you probably picture this:



or this:



or this:



But, really, it’s this:


Ridge of sand dunes in Sahara Desert


I know, kind of anti-climactic, isn’t it?

Say hello to OPI’s Fiji Weejee Fawn:






Whatever a Fiji Weejie Fawn is (does anyone have a clue??), it is one of my absolute top-favorites when it comes to work-appropriate colors.  For me, that pretty much means “nude.”

When I first found this, it was in a dusty for one dollar, and I had absolutely no reason to pause for even half a second before snapping it up.  Cheap.  OPI.  Work-wearable.  Check, check, check.  But from the first moment I put this on, I started staring at my nails as if they had just doubled in length for no apparent reason.  I.  Freakin’.  Loved.  This.  Color!!!!





Really, I’m not too sure I can tell you why.  I just know that when I’m needing to get on another Trip-B color (AKA BBB – Band-Aid But Better), this is one of the few I can put on and still feel like I’m wearing a knock-it-out-of-the-park polish.




From what little research I’ve done – you know, surfed the ‘net and Google for awhile – it seems as though this is a discontinued color from the Classics line.  Still easy to find, though, from prices ranging from $5.95 to $13.00, and that’s with truly limited search patience.

It’s one of the few colors I have a back-up bottle of, having found a second bottle at another local store.  But the second bottle has a black label rather than a green one.  I think (and please tell me if I am mistaken!) that the black labels are the old formula, and the green the new.  If you want me to compare them, drop a line, but as you can see, if the color varies, it’s only slightly.




(The one on the left, with the green label, is the one I am wearing in these photos.)


Anyway, this is three coats.  You can get away with two, but I feel like the color isn’t quite what I want it to be at two.  I think of it as a bit of a “sand” color, or even a medium/dark cream.




Lovely, just lovely.

And you know I just gotta do this, with “fawn” in the name!



(The great bonus for me is that this is one of my favorite songs – and scenes - from any of the Disney movies.)


I also wanted to do my part to bring attention to Nicole’s amazing idea of a nail blogger Secret Santa!  It sounds like a whole lotta fun, and it’s open internationally; which means we can get non-local varnishes!

And if you have not yet checked out her blog, get thee over to MagicXMaid right away!


  1. Very pretty feminine color, I like the shimmer it has.

  2. It's a great, subtle color. And you're right - the shimmer is great :)

  3. Looks like glistening sands on the beach. I'm not a nude or "work" polish wearer. I do own quite a few though. How did that happen? But it is pretty and I do like it.

  4. Ha - isn't it weird that there are colors we don't really wear, but then we end up getting several bottles of them? Weird!