Friday, August 14, 2009

The Wonderful World of Color

I’d seen the Sally Hansen HD collection in the stores, and on a few blogs, but I more or less resisted them.  One major reason for this is, well, I’m just not a terribly big SH fan.  There, I’ve said it, and I’m sorry.  But facts are facts, after all.

However the more I saw them, the more I was tempted.  Then CVS had a BOGO1/2 deal.  And I picked them up – all of them.  And carried them around the store.  And, ultimately, I put them all down.  I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t.

Then, the following week, Walgreens had 40% off all Sally Hansen, and then along came BLU, Pixel Pretty, and Hi-Def for the ride home.  I looked and looked at Cyber, but decided against it.



Hi-Def, BLU, Pixel Pretty


But then I kept staring at my three purchases all lined up – the gorgeous colors. . . .  So then came not only Cyber, but also Lite and Hi-Res. 



Hi-Res, Lite, Cyber


But not the others, I resisted! I didn’t really like them. Until I saw them swatched.

Sigh.  Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the entire line-up.



The two newcomers are, to the left of Lite (the yellow) Digital and Three D





Every time I look at them, you know what I hear?



And for those if you with a little more time to spare, here’s a better version, with some of Paul Frees’ Ludwig Von Drake thrown in – bonus!



Here’s the info on the polishes from Sally Hansen’s site:

  • The Color: Pure, vivid pigments with multi-dimensional color & vibrance.
  • The Technology: Patented formula with Real Liquid Crystals for multi-dimensional color and iridescent shine!
  • The Result: Dazzling, Lustrous High-Definition Color.

    The application on these can be – well, “a nightmare” is an overstatement, but a bit of a pill to apply.  But the three colors I’ve worn so far just really knock my socks off!  And every time they *grow* on me, and I find myself liking them more the more days I wear them.  Consider yourselves warned!

    By the way, remember to vote for August’s color of the month – I can’t wait to see what color if picked!  Right now it’s neck and neck between two of them!


    1. Lol...I've done this very thing. Only with Essie's summer collection this year. I had planned only buying two of them. Then ended up with all of them. Sheers! Which is something I always steer clear of. As a rule,I don't like Essie sheers. But some how these grew on! It was cute how you presented the polishes. Showing us each pic as the story progressed.

    2. Hahaha, I've managed to resist these except I did pick up Blu. And here's the weird thing: I LOVE Sally Hansen polishes. I don't know why. But I do. However, those Xtreme Wear shades? CanNOT resist them. Picked up two more of them today! Whoopsie.

    3. Velvet - sometimes I'm good at having my blinders on, and sometimes. . . . LOL!

      Nicole - truth be told, after putting my polishes in a spreadsheet, I discover I have TONS of the SHs! The XW seem to be among the most unique, so maybe that's why the pull is there for you. But I am surprised you've resisted Cyber, the purple!

    4. I only had a couple of drug store polishes. I don't know what happened. I have this entire collection. About 20 SH Extreme's, 8 of the Insta-Dru, the new WetnWild collection and a ton of Sinful Colors. Like I needed more polishes. My girlfriend goes right by Walgreens and CVS on the way home from work. I see all these on the blogs and say "Can you find me these"? Well she brings home the whole store. It's never on the BOGO week. I end up owing her $80! I think that was the SH Extreme's. I do love them! I have my first back ups, Disco Ball and Rockstar. There the only two back ups. You make me write too much!

    5. LOL - sorry :) FWIW, I enjoy reading it all! It's amazing how fast the prices of the SHs can rack up, isn't it? I can't remember the last time I even saw them as a straight BOGO, you usually have to make do with the BOGO1/2 deals. They do come out with coupons every once in a while; those can help, if you clip coupons.