Thursday, August 13, 2009

Color of the Month


One of the things that I’m betting we all have in common, so to speak, is a really unique collection.  Even though we all usually drool over the same colors and collections, and though most of us already have standard polishes that we don’t even to spell out, such as DSM, MPJ, INRAW -

(Well, okay, I’ll spell it out for any newcomers out there – Misa’s Dirty Sexy Money, and OPI’s My Private Jet and I’m Not Really a Waitress.)

- all of us also have some off-the-wall colors that are all but unknown to most people out there.  Our collections, ultimately are a reflection of who we are, and if we’ve been lacquering long enough, who we were, too.

All of this is to say that I had an idea for how to pick colors to show you all.  Often, obviously, whatever colors (or lack thereof) I wear for work, and whatever new varnishes that have somehow creeped into my home (didn’t I have that screen fixed??) will have a very prominent place here.  But I thought I’d ask y’all what you thought!

So I finally logged all of my colors into a database.  (I know, don’t we all get there, eventually?)  I then went to, and had it select five numbers.  Whatever colors came up, as long as I haven’t written about them yet, are eligible.  Let the chips fall where they may: well-known, oft-photographed favorites; weird, discontinued polish lines; colorful, yet sheer, top coats; you name it.

Here are the five chosen:

L’oreal’s Flight:


018 (3)

I’m tempted to call this a metallic frost (with help from Steph’s sidebar breakdown of finishes at Nailjuice), but as it says “perle” by the name, I’ll trust them and call it a pearl.  Medium brown crème, like wet sand.


Misa’s Love Bite:


015 (3)

A deep, vampy red creme that almost looks like a jelly.  It looks a bit brighter in these photos than IRL; it almost has a brown cast to it.


Zoya’s Carmen:


017 (3)

A cool-toned tomato-red creme, not quite as orange as it appears here.  Not much more to say; very much what I envision when I think of the classic red creme.


OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques:


016 (3)

Yeah, you’ve probably never heard of this one, right?  Another creme,  A brownish, mushroomy, taupe-like color, a little less blue that the pic.


StrangeBeautiful’s medium-dark grey from their second Libabry of Color:


019 (3)

Bluish tinged concrete-like color.  And, surprise!, another creme.


Now, what I’d like for you to do is vote on which of these you’d like to see given a full review.  I can’t promise it will happen right away (I’ve got work to work around, and if I’m feeling especially in need of a certain color, I’ll give into that, of course ;), but it will for sure happen in August.  If this goes well, I’ll have it be a regular feature!


020 (3)


So here’s the deal: I’m not sure if I have a lot of foot traffic here yet, but I’ve posted a poll that I will leave up for five days, and hopefully enough people will vote so there is a clear winner.  If none of those appeal to you, click “None of these,” and if a significant number of people aren’t interested, I’ll randomly pick five other colors.  As I’ve said, this is totally up to fate, so I won’t be insulted in the least if none are particularly appealing to you.

So please vote!



  1. I voted! I like your idea a lot sounds fun!

  2. I voted! You picked out some great polishes for your favorites.

  3. Nice idea. Hope my favorite comes out ahead! Very true that we all share many of the same colors. I still love looking at nail polish.

  4. This is a really cool idea! I've voted as well. I know we all love similar polishes - but I also like seeing swatches on everyone too :) It's a full circle of enabling. :P

  5. Kae - thanks for the vote; I am enjoying watching the results!

    Mary - thank you! I am so bad at picking out favorites; I've settled in to having "Favorites of the mo'!"

    Lucy - good luck; I hope yours comes out, too. Hopefully they'll all get blogged about, sooner or later!

    Nicole - Ha, that is so true! Full circle of enabling, indeed!