Monday, August 17, 2009


Today I have for you the first of the HD polishes I told you about here. It’s BLU (#02), a gorgeous, electric blue, unlike any of other blues I have. It truly does glow. I think the right adjective for this color would be cyan.



Application left something to be desired, though. First of all, the brush is wonky. It’s weird. I start to apply polish to my nails, and as I put some slight pressure on the brush, I expect it to fan out. It doesn’t. It got to the point that I actually tried to manhandle (womanhandle?) the brush to see if I got one where the hairs were all attached at the bottom, as this has happened to me before. But nope, they are all separate, they just don’t like to separate.


Grr – wonky brush

On top of this, the first layer comes out streaky. I mean really streaky. Some areas are nearly bald. After doing two thin layers and seeing little improvement, I added on a third, rather thick layer.

Now, I’ve worked with multi-layer polished before. OPI Breathe Life is a prime example. But this is something different entirely. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. And I still, on the third coat, had some bald spots near the edges of my nails that I just had to shove the color down. I topped it off with Poshe, and either the color itself evened out, or the Poshe helped. Either way, the end result is gorgeous!








I really like it. I keep looking at my nails. I’ve taken several photos, which as I think we can all agree, is a sign of a really good polish/color.

I found a couple of pictures that match the color:

Would you believe that’s a design for a guitar? From

Now, I was going to go with a Smurfs video (I mean, hello, blue!), but you know what’s a better match for this glowy little gem?


Watch out for that song – I’ve found it seriously addictive. I eventually downloaded it from iTunes, so if you ever need the info, I now know it’s called “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eifel 65.

If the application doesn’t deter you (and, personally, I totally find it worth it), then you may want to make a trip down to your local Walgreens. The HD collection is two dollars off, and for my local prices, that’s about a 30% discount.

(And don’t think I didn’t see you dancing in your chair during that clip! It’s okay, though, I did, too.)


  1. I thought these applied rather different also, but was very happy with the results in the end. I love your 'blue' reference pics!

  2. This is a very pretty color - weird that the brush is like that.....

  3. I like that blue, too bad the brush was no good for you.

  4. That colour is really beautiful, it looks quite a lot like shiny silk. Very pretty!

  5. Mary - I couldn't agree more; I just love these colors, despite their annoying properties!

    Deez - I know; I've never had a brush like it before. Just plain WEIRD!

    Kae - it really is one of those stare-at-it-colors, so I just put up with the brush. . . .

    Violet - I never thought of it as like silk before, but you're right!

  6. I love this color! And I love all your reference and especially--- The Zen Pond!! I was transfixed for about 4 minutes on it!

  7. LOL - I love the Zen Pond, too - I feed the fish every now and then myself!

  8. Those HD polishes are all beautiful. They have such an amzing glow to them. I thought it was just me having trouble. What a major pain. I also used a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri last weekend. My God that is weird! I had a hell of a time with that also. I think I glopped some of it on. I don't know if they just go on like that or what. I never paid attention to them before. I never had any but now I have 1 thru 8.

  9. I've never tried the Insta-Dris myself, but I've heard stories that corroborate yours. It's a little disappointing to know that such a gigantic company like SH releases stuff like this without QC; that's a big part of the reason I don't usually care for them too much. But darn it all of they don't come out with colors that make me willing to put up with them!