Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little disappointment – and a big excitement!


As has happened entirely too often – and as is only to be expected, what with all I’ve gone through lately (which I’ll bore you with tell you about some other time) – I again came to a point where I needed a real pick-me-up kind of color.

I started out with twelve promising colors that I eventually weeded down to four.  I brought them in to the BF to see which of the four he voted for.  (He likes to get involved with my polish obsession.  I just love that!)

Of the four I brought in, he opted for Color Club’s Femme Fatale (# 851).





I thought that it was particularly appropriate, as FF came so close to making it onto my nails the last time I was feeling glum.

Ummm – didn’t quite have the effect I was hoping for.

A nice enough color, to be sure, and I’m sure it’d look gorgeous over black, but. . . .








That’s four coats, people.

This is getting relegated to my “work” pile (since I’m indoors so often, if it’s barely noticeable in indoor light it’s a “go”) and, possibly, to be tried with black underneath.

There is some nice glittery shimmer to this, if you look just right.




But, really, it’s hard to notice.  And when I do notice it, well . . . it looks like too much.  Like the polish is bubbling.  It may be because of the large number of coats.  I think one or two would work better, since the color doesn’t build up at all, anyway.

And – aha! – yet again I think I’ve got another dupish color – this one without the glitter.

L’oreal’s Resort (on ring), two coats, no top coat.





I can maybe see a slight difference in color; sometimes I think Resort is a little bit of a darker pink, but if even in person, up close, specifically looking for a difference I’m not sure I can find one, I think it’s safe to call it a dupe.  The only difference is the fine glitter in FF which isn’t in Resort.

And, for the bubble illusion mentioned above, I kind of prefer Resort.

So, long story short, nice enough color, but I wouldn’t want it living here, if you know what I mean.  It stayed a day, then I was moving on to something that TRULY fits with the “Cheer up, Charlie” theme!



And now for the big excitement!

Aquaheart has nominated me for the, um, something blog award! 


lemonade award


I did a little searching online and have discovered it’s the Lemonade Award!  I am now to nominate twelve blogs I love to read myself!

There are really so many great blogs out there – just look how long my blogroll is! – so while I nominate all of them in my heart, I will only enumerate a few, so they have names left to nominate!


The Polish Addict

Getcha Nails Did

Nevertoomuchglitter’s Weblog


Polish, Platforms, Perfume

Body And Soul

Violet Lebeaux

Nixxy’s Nails

The Hungry Asian


The Nailphile

Helen and Sheenie’s Nice Things


Happy Thursday, everybody!


  1. woo! I love this! omg that charlie song takes me back.. ah.. i love that song haha. and of course you deserve the award congrats ;)

  2. Aww that is so sweet of you! Thanks! I can't believe that that was four coats of polish it's so sheer *_*

  3. Thanks nivipa! Right back atcha :)

  4. Thanks for the award! That's always a disappointment when it takes so many coats, ugh :/

  5. THanks so much! I didn't really have much planned to post about today, so this will give me something to do.

  6. Ahhh..I have this polish and the same reaction you have. It's nice to layer over a dark color. But no fun to wear on it's own. Boo! I love your writing it's fun to read. Congrats on the Lemonade award!

  7. Thanks for the award, Nicole!

    I love the way you integrate all these awesome videos into your posts!

    (Now, I need to stop watching them all and get some work done!)=D

  8. Oh, that's a bit of a disappointment! I think I could skip this color. I was wondering about it, I'm glad you posted about it though :) I have plenty of polishes that I can layer over a dark color, so this is good to know!

  9. Aquaheart - Now that I'm a little older, I can appreciate that song. Back in the day, however, I just wanted to get to Gene Wilder's entrance! Thanks again for the award - you like me; you really like me - lol!

    Violet - you're quite welcome. Yeah. FOUR COATS!! LOL!

    Nixxy - YQW as well! I can't wait for the next Phalanges!

    Mary - YQW, and I was a bit disappointed, but when you buy in the kind of volume we do, you're *bound* to get a few that aren't, um, the best ;)

    Brooke - YQW! And, somehow, I can't imagine you *ever* running out of things to post about!

    Velvet - thank you so much - I'm really having a blast! I'm glad it brings a smile to others as well!

    Wixology - you're so welcome, and don't I know what it's like to get too wrapped up in videos! Sorry for the distraction, but the laughs are worth it, aren't they? ;)

    Nicole - Yeah, if I had it to do over again, FF would be in someone else's home! So, yeah, I think this is a good one to skip over, unless layering or sheerness is, (as Austin Powers would say) your bag, Baby!

  10. Such a shame when polish isn't what's expected. I would like to see it layered. Willie Wonka is one of my favorite movies. If I run across it while channel surfing I watch it no matter what part it's at. I still would like to go to the chocolate factory! I love your writing also.

  11. Thanks so much! I am with you on WW&CF - I just love Gene Wilder in it! I'm a little on the fence about the C&CF with Johnny Depp - some parts I really enjoy, and others just don't do it for me. It will certainly never replace the original in my heart!

  12. Aw, thank you! Sorry I was so slow to respond- jet lag and business at work have conspired to keep me away from my fellow bloggers! :)

  13. You are certainly more than welcome :) Take your time, let your system catch up with you!