Monday, August 10, 2009

*Passion* fruit?!

010 (3)

L-R: Coconut Crush, Mad About Mango, Pretty in Papaya, Sublime Strawberry, Raspberry Rapture, Mon Cherry, Passionate Fruit, Not So Blue-berry

When I got the Revlon Fruitful Temptations set, I have to admit that I primarily got them for the gimmick of them being scented. But as the weekend was approaching, and I wanted to wear an “aunt appropriate” color for her visit down this way (my aunt does not think certain colors are appropriate for nails), I had to take all of my blues and greens off of the table. That is a huge chunk of my collection, you know. But as I narrowed down my choices, I decided a Fruitful Temptation might be a good choice. So looking over the colors, I picked Passionate Fruit.



The application was very nice. A little of that “balding” that can happen if you paint over one spot too much, rather than just being assertive with the brush, but it really wasn’t too bad. Two coats and I got good coverage. It was very easy to control, as well – very little clean-up needed. In fact, these photos are taken without clean-up at all (though it sure wouldn’t have hurt any).



It does have a wonderful, slight, fruity scent to it as well. I’m not sure if the smell is passion fruit exactly, because I’ve never had passion fruit without other fruit mixed in, like a juice, so I can’t attest to that; but a pleasant scent nonetheless.


Indoors, flash


Indoors, no flash

Now, I like purples, but this color didn’t seem like anything to be written home about. But it really did grow on me. As I guess shouldn’t come as any surprise, since I didn’t expect to particularly love this color, I don’t have too many dupes to it. In fact, the only dupe I have is one of my StrangeBeautifuls. It’s a smidge darker, though.


One coat SB on ring finger

So, all in all, it’s not a color that jumps up and begs to be noticed, but a nice little color to have in my collection, when I need something a bit more subtle than A Sin Worth Committing, or Watermelon Rind, or any of the OPI Designer Series. . . .

When I think of the phrase “passion fruit,” I remember an old commercial for what I’m pretty sure was a fruit juice. There was an off screen announcer listing all of the flavors contained in this particular product, and when he gets to passion fruit, this mousy-looking woman on the screen opens her eyes wide as says, almost in a whisper, “passion fruit?!”

I tried, but I couldn’t find that clip. Grr. But I did find this one that took me back a bit!

Remember Squeezits? I’d forgotten all about them! I’m sure the awkward, unfortunate final four letters of their name didn’t help their popularity any.

As for the polish, I’d call it a medium purple with a strong red leaning. But, seriously, a color deducer I’m not. I do believe you could call it a fuchsia, though, with a little bit of a red tone. In fact, it looks very similar to the center of these flowers:



And there you have Revlon’s Passionate Fruit!

[NB: Apparently my photos are clickable now. I don't know what I did, but, hey, works for me! You can now view a close-up of the curtain from my last post if you want :)]


  1. Wow im really liking that color! its so pretty! :D

  2. I love that collection. My favorite was the blueberry one, followed by Passionate Fruit. Looks lovely on you!

  3. This collection is still in my drugstores, and I haven't picked up one of them yet. I keep looking at them, and passing them by! This is a lovely color, but I can't see myself wearing it - haha, I don't have an Aunt like that, so no worries there!

  4. Aquaheart - it really is a nice color, almost to my surprise!

    Mary - I loved NSB, myself! The fact that it was the only one with shimmer sure didn't hurt!

    Nicole - I still see it in some drugstores out here, and just tonight I saw Mad About Mango in with the permanent collection with a number on it (the ones I have don't), so that one color, at least, looks like it will be around awhile!

  5. I bought the collection when it first came out. Mary's fault! For the life of me I don't remember this one. I just looked it up in my nail book and I do have it. Just haven't worn this one yet. It looks pretty on you. I don't think I've ever had passion fruit. I love the videos.

  6. I think I have Mary to blame - er, um, thank - for my collection as well! And I don't know I know what a passion fruit looks like - I'll have to look next time I'm at the store!