Friday, August 28, 2009

Bringing it down a notch


I know it must sometimes seem like all of the polishes I wear are either something I consider faboo or else dull old workaday lacquers.  But there are times I will pull out a “traditional” varnish that, I think, few people would notice.  An excellent case in point is  China Glaze’s Long Kiss (#87).







This is two coats, with the photos taken in the late afternoon with a soon-to-set sun.  While I find this to be a rather nice color, it is also not anything to write home about, nor to go to your nearest nail polish supplier and demand their entire stock of.  I don’t even remember how it is I got this color, as I had purchased it years ago, before I was slightly off-kilter for the flavor of a Pringle, as it were.

It is, simply told, a deep, rich color that I think can even be described as a “wine.”  I enjoy wearing it when I’m not really looking to “wow” anyone, including myself, but I want to have a nice color to look down at.  To tell you the truth, I’m all about the vampy colors.  Truly.





As far as I can tell, Long Kiss is part of CG’s core line, and very easy to find.

Suspecting that this color might be easily dupable, I took a look through my collection and one of the first ones I came across was OPI’s beyond famous I’m Not Really A Waitress.  Looking at the bottles. INRAW just looks a little less shimmery, and maybe has a smidge of a  brown tone to it. 

Further investigation then turned up Orly Garnet Truth, January’s varnish from their “A Year In Rocks” collection, which definitely has glitter that LK doesn’t.  And finally, there was one of the two NYC nail glossies I got off of a clearance rack clear back in January.  No names to these, as far as I can tell, so it’s simply number 227.


INRAW, Garnet Truth, Long Kiss, 227; indoors with flash



The swatches below are one coat each, except for GT which got two due to it’s extreme sheerness.  Same order as above.





These are taken without clean-up, so you can see that LK was actually the messiest.  The closest dupe I have is 227, and I’m just not sure how easy – or hard – the NYC glossies are to locate.  As I said, I got them on clearance several months ago, and I’ve not seen them since, at least in my local drug stores. 

GT, probably because of the glitter, isn’t even close, and despite the bottle pics, INRAW isn’t even close; it’s far too warm.

You may remember my mentioning I’m a child of the Eighties.  You can’t get much more Eighties – at least not early Eighties, – than Hall & Oates.  Boy, does this song take me back!



So is this Kiss on your list?  Hee hee – couldn’t resist!


  1. I like a good classy red! And I love me some Hall & Oates. :) One of these days I'm going to make the trip to one of the Atlantic City hotels (I live like an hour away from them!)because they're always performing. Viva la 80s :)

  2. We all need just a pretty polish to wear. Wines, red and berry are always lovely colors. I think non-nail fanatics will think all the polishes look alike. I'm sure I had loads that are very close in color to each other.

  3. beautyjudy - Viva la 80s, indeed! I have, I'm sure, fallen off the "current" wagon, but if I listen to 80s music all day, I'm one happy camper!

    Lucy - LOL - I bet they *do* all think they look alike! And I agree with you - where would we be without our wines, reds, and berries?