Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A mysterious package

[FYI, this is very picture heavy. I just wanted to make you feel like (with all due respect to Walter Cronkite) You Are There!]

Okay, so I get home late one night to find . . . a mysterious package! Dunh dunh DUNH! Well, okay, it isn’t so mysterious, since it was an order I was expecting. But I was too tired to actually go through all of the steps required to truly document its arrival, so I wait until the next day to open it for y’all! Yeah, I know. *nodding* I just care that much.

First, the box.


Huh. Fragile. Must be Italian.


(This is the best clip I could find. If 5 minutes is too long for you, just jump to the 1:00 mark.)

(Aaaand – just because I found it by accident and it’s a GREAT recap of the movie – check out the bunnies!)

(And, as long as we’re on the topic, sort of, one of my all-time favorite You Tube clips!)

Mmmmm – num num num!


*Ahem* Sorry about that. Where were we? I swear the internet has destroyed my attention span. Let’s see. . . .

Oh, right! The mysterious but not mysterious to me, only mysterious to you package.

Well wrapped on the inside. . . .


Bubble wrap – and what’s that stuff in the corner?


Ah, free samples? I thought these smelled great . . .


. . . until I realized it was probably this perfume. Whatever it is, it’s nice!


Inside, a sealed envelope, and now you know where I ordered from. . . .


And a hand-written note to me! Times like this are what I love buying from a person directly, rather than ordering online.


Anyway, back to the matter at hand!


Hmm – see the color starting to poke through?


Becoming clearer here. . . .


Almost there! (The suspense killing you yet??)


*Aahhhhhh* [Hmm, that was supposed to be A Heavenly Choir, not Someone Running From A Serial Killer With His/Her Arms Waving.]


Anyway, you *knew* it was polish, but did you know it was the new StrangeBeautiful Library of Color? Didja? Didja, huh??? You might have suspected, when you saw it was from Bergdorf Goodman, anyway.

Aren’t they lovely?


It looks like they have added their company’s name to the bottom.


And now, if necessary (or even just if curiosity’s gotcha), you can see the ingredients.


And there we have it!! I wasn’t too sure, looking at the online promo pictures, but in person I am *totally* digging these muted colors! Including the second one, which is looking like a darker, greyer cousin to Misa’s Dirty Sexy Money, and its inky neighbor which was inspired by the J. Herbin company.

That link, by the way, will not only lead you to a brief description of this collection, but also one of the two sites I know of where it can be ordered. I can’t vouch for this company, though, as I’ve never used it. You can also order from Bergdorf Goodman, but they don’t ship internationally.

Well, as they get worn, I will let you know what I think, and there will be pictures!


  1. Lol...that was too funny! I love your sense of humor! Looks like great colors. I'm looking forward to the swatches now. No!

  2. Smile - I'm so glad you like it; it was a fun one to put together! The colors will get knocked out, I promise. Umm, sooner or later, lol!

  3. I think I have this collection. I bought it from Neiman Marcus. There were two of them. I bought both and haven't tried them. I don't know for sure because it's packed away in my closet. I'm getting my apartment painted next month so everything is getting packed up. I just love your sense of humor also. Loved the Jaws clip. That was really funny. Can't wait for the swatches.

  4. LOL the jaws in 60 sec just cracked me up!

  5. Lucy - Thank you! And, oh, how frustrating to want to get your hands on something you've just packed away! I hope the painting goes well, and once it's done. get those colors out!

    Stephanie - I tell ya, I can watch that over and over again and never get sick of it! Good thing it's only 60 seconds - LOL!