Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Hello, all!  I hope this post finds you safe.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of the wildfires that are raging in Southern California (though now they are starting to get a handle on them), but my father – and the house I grew up in – were very close to the evacuation zone.  Being who he is, however, he never gave a thought to packing up, and his major concern now is getting the ash out of his backyard.  Dads, gotta love ‘em!

Anyway, I do have some lacquer-related news to share.  First of all, the lovely beautyjudy is having her very first giveaway!  And it’s not just any old giveaway, no; she’s giving away the Nubar Modern Matte Collection!!!

As has been established before, I’m not sure how much of a “matte momma” I am, but heavens to hamburgers (as Mayor McCheese used to say), even I am all agog about this!



So make sure you go over and enter, and be sure to stay for the posts; it’s really a very entertaining blog!

Next up in the World of Polish, I stopped in my local Sally’s today and was amazed to discover this display:




Immediately I went “Holy Guacamole!” and did a beeline straight for that gorgeous, gorgeous glittery green.  (I know, it looks blue here, but it’s green.)

I had no idea whether these were re-issues, or even current polishes on the market that they’re just repackaging, but I knew I hadn’t heard “Boo” about them on the internet.  (I have to admit, though, that I’ve been busy as late, and thus not able to keep up as much as I once did – sigh.)

As I picked them up and looked at the names, none sounded familiar.  As no one in the store seemed to mind, I took snapshots of the bases, rather than trying to hunt down pen and paper to take notes on the polishes.  So in order of the above photo, left to right:










You may have noticed that the shots of Atlantis and Nova look a little different.  That’s because I knew immediately that they were coming home with me, even though I am trying to at lease slow down my rate of varnish acquisition.  In the end, though, I just couldn’t say “no” to Medallion, so here’s the happy trio:





Once I got home and pulled up the ‘net, I checked out China Glaze’s website.  Not only was there no mention of the “Glitters and Chromes” collection, I couldn’t even find these colors listed on their color chart.  Weird.  Even a Google search of “China Glaze” “Glitters and Chromes” turned up empty.  If anyone can shed any light on the subject, I’d sure appreciate it!

But back to the subject at hand.  The chromes looked alright (as did that remaining glitter, Cleopatra), but they just didn’t thrill me quite as much as these glitters did.  I may or may not be quite “In Awe of Amber,” so to speak, but perhaps to round out an online order, whose prices are guaranteed to be lower, I may give in and add that one to the group as well.

And finally, speaking of online ordering, Nevertoomuchglitter just let me know that transdesign has Breathe Life in stock.  I know that there had been interest expressed in this color when I did my guest post on her blog, and as I had cautioned, it can be hard to find.  So anyone who is interested, head over that way and get your very own for $4.99 and help fund research for Lung Cancer in the bargain!  Personally, I find it to be a stunner of a shade, though I should warn you that, as it is a bit sheer, I often wear it with four coats.  (It’s also gorgeous over black, though, as I’ll show you someday.)

Anyway, I wanted to be sure and share with you all of these fun happenings!  I also have all of the colors together for your next vote, so depending on how late I have to work tomorrow night, it should be up either then or on Friday.  Friday, also, is the day that I will select a winner of the Wet N Wild Rustic, so if you want an (additional) chance to win, be sure to do so soon!


  1. I hope your father and his house are safe. I remember last summer was awful to be anywhere in California =x

    Wow, I must get Atlantis!! Oh I hope to find it tomorrow haha. Well I think ChG is releasing some of their new glitters I saw some for sale at Victoria nail supply, and also Mary (body and soul) did a post about them.

  2. I can only imagine hoe frightening it is to live next to those terrible fires. hope your dad and house is ok!

    I saw some of those CG glitters swatched by Mary, in body and soul excellent blog. also Lauren from DizziNails posted a mani made with gorgeous Atlantis:
    this collection really bligs :-) I love bling!

  3. OMG - I totally didn't connect these CG glitters with Mary's post! D'oh - I should have had a V-8 *slaps forehead*.

    I went back to her site after reading these comments, and you know what? Not one color in common between what I saw at Sally's and the six-pack haul she has there. (Which is a major bummer because I *need* Cosmic in my life!) Because of the similar names, though (like Nova, above), they must be the same collection. Oooh, those CGs know how to tempt a gal - I am *so* going to be all over those Wizard of Ooh Aahs!

    And thanks so much for your good wishes for my father! The danger seems to have passed his little hamlet by, and even the nearby evacuations are now rescinded!

    Kae - Yes, yes you DO need Atlantis!

    Inbal - I haven't been to dizzynails - I shall have to scope it out at the first opportunity!

  4. Thank God your family and house is all right. I've been very concerned for everyone in the area of the fire. It must be horribly frightening. An apartment across from me, the width of a street, went on fire. The black smoke was immediate and thick. I couldn't see a thing outside and my apartment was getting loads of smoke in it. I could barely breathe. I can't imagine how horrible it is in CA. Be careful and safe. Brooke on Getchanailsdid posted that she emailed China Glaze. She hasn't heard anything about them either. I can't wait to buy them. I need all those glittahs!

  5. I am waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for those glitters to become available on VNS. I can't wait! Glad to hear that you and your family are doing alright!

    It's actually bizarre how people conceive of the geography of California. I'm in Nor Cal and when there were fires so close to us that it smelled like an eternal barbeque, no one asked me how I was doing. But when there are fires in So Cal, I get all these worried calls. I'm like, "Dude... a map."

  6. I have been following the updates via my homepage and, believe it or not, Twitter. So many of the folks I follow live right IN that area, it's frightening. I'm glad all of your loved ones are safe!
    Those glitters are ga-ga-gorgeous. Seriously. I think this is a different set than the one Mary was able to acquire, because I see the whole thing on Victoria Nail Supply, and the ones you saw in store are not yet available online! I will be stopping at Sally's this weekend for sure. Thanks for the heads up! Whew, I've been waiting for these OTHER glitters, I want them more. Haha.
    I will be skipping chromes. They don't much like me. :P

  7. Hey Nivipa! I'm actually waiting to hear back from my contact at China Glaze, she let me know today that she's working on getting me answers... I've got swatches and two posts ready to go about the glitters available on both Victoria Nail Supply and the glitters and chromes at Sally! So hopefully we'll have some answers soon on what their deal is!!!

    I'm happy to hear you dad is ok! I am keeping everyone in my thoughts that lives in that area. It's so scary!

  8. Lucy - Thank you so much for your concern! I can only imagine how frightening it was to have such a huge building so close to you engulfed in flames! I'll check out Brooke's site later today. Sigh, I suddenly got so busy about three weeks ago, I feel all but out of the loop!

    flinty - Isn't it just the case that "California" pretty much means "LA and environs" to most people? Though I have to admit, until I actually met someone from upstate New York, that I thought the whole state looked like NYC!

    Nicole - This mystery seems to become deeper and more convoluted over time, doesn't it? Usually we have all the details before we can get the polishes, not the other way 'round! And they are *stunning*!! I'm wearing Nove now and am loving it!

    beautyjudy - Oooh, you have a contact?? Great, I can't wait to hear more! And more and more fires. As they say, California has two seasons: Earthquake and Fire!