Friday, September 4, 2009

New month, new color


Coming off of August's "Color of the Month," I have some more interesting prospects for you.

As last time, these colors were chosen only because they had numbers in my database that corresponded with randomly chosen integers.  I am really rather intrigued to see which ones get voted on this time!  Up first, a glitter topcoat from Kleancolor called Twinkle Heart:


I can’t attest to the wear of this color, as I only recently acquired it, but it’s a sparkly little gem with heart shapes I got from a local 97 cent store.
Next up is OPI’s Time-Less is More:

This is a very pretty off-white creme that I first found through the Polish Addict, who named this as her 10th top color of 2008.

Next we have one of Nubar’s Going Greens, Forest:

I had to get the whole collection.  Was it a stunner or what??

And here’s a Del Sol.  As you may know, these actually change color in the sunshine!  Since I wasn’t able to get a sunshine shot – it was nighttime when I took these photos – I took a picture of the top sticker, which is the color it’s supposed to turn into:


Rather glitteriffic, isn’t it?  I wish Heartbreaker had colored glitter, rather than the silver.  But I guess you have to be careful when the base is going to change colors. . . .
This last one is an interesting one, Scherer’s Blue Frost:

As you can tell, this is actually a color I’ve worn a few times.  And you may have seen this on other blogs as a recent discovery.  But I stumbled across this polish several years ago, and haven’t seen hide nor hair of this line at all since.  I haven’t worn it for quite some time, so how “chameleon-like” it is, I’m not too sure.
So, as a refresher (or, for any new readers), let me explain how this works.  You get to put your vote in (in the top left corner) for which of these you’d like to see a post dedicated to.  I’ll leave the poll up for a week, and we’ll see where the preponderance of the interest lies.  Whatever color is chosen, I promise to blog about sometime during September!


If you don’t care for any of them, just indicate that in the poll.  All of these colors were chosen completely by chance, so it won’t hurt my feelings at all if none of them seem all that interesting to you.

And in closing, I would like to congratulate Mahmood for winning the Wet N Wild Rustic!  I went looking through a few of his websites, but was unable to turn up an email address.  So he has until midnight Monday GMT to get in touch with me.  As a winner, he can keep it, pass it along to someone else, or decline it.  The same goes for anyone that ever wins a giveaway here!

Have a good weekend everyone, please vote, and congratulations to Mahmood!


  1. Whoa - you have $.97 cent stores in your city - that's awesome!!!! - Love all these polish's especially the green glitter - cant wait to see what it looks like!

  2. I was just about to comment on the 97cent store thing too!!! hehe. I really *heart* the Going Green Collection and I wore Forest as my NOTD today with some gold Konading over it. I think I passed by Scherer Chameleon before because I was such an OPI/ChG snob. But I've really opened my eyes!

  3. DeezNailz - I always think of you when I go into those "dollar store" type places!

    beautyjudy -- Would you believe I haven't worn *any* of my GGs yet?? So much polish, so little time. . . . But sometimes the cheap polishes are cheap for a reason!

    kittyluvscolor - It's in the lead now, I think it'll come out ahead!

  4. Love all those polishes. I really want to see that green polish. I love glittah! Nice finds at the stores.

  5. Glittah's the best, isn't it! Just a little thing that can bring such happiness!