Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun With Polish


Wanting to have a work-appropriate polish that was slightly different than those Trip-Bs (Band-Aid But Better), I reached for a polish I hadn’t worn before: Sally Hansen’s Pink Promise.






But I wasn’t really feeling it.  This is two coats, and you can see that while it does make a slight (but only slight) difference in terms of color, it also becomes highly reflective – look at my top  nails in the photos above.  In an attempt to tone it down a bit, I added one layer of OPI’s Breathe Life, but even that didn’t help, so I decided to use Nail Tek to tone it down.




It didn’t work.

As such, I left one hand with the Nail Tek, the other without, since I was going to be removing it straightaway, anyway.




225  (In case you’re having a hard time deciding, it’s the bottom picture that’s matted.)

So, this is why I don’t franken.  I don’t really much care for it, but it was fun to experiment, at any rate!



  1. That wasn't a very flattering shade. I think you should add some dark polish into that. I don't much care for sheers. Maybe layer it over a dark shade. I guess we all can't be frankening geniuses! Better luck with your next one. Thanks for some Oingo Boingo. I haven't heard this in years! I believe the lead singer scores many films.

  2. LOL - that's so true! I've long known I'm not going to be a great frankener! Ah well, I've learned to accept that fact. I didn't know that about OB's lead singer - I find scoring to be a really interesting art; when it's at its best, most people never even notice it.