Monday, September 7, 2009

A White Rabbit


Those of you lucky enough to be regular visitors of Diana's blog might remember a darling little teapot a few weeks ago:



The “missive” the Great Owl possesses is the winner of NYC’s Molten Metal




I love how she does her giveaways.  if you haven’t been to her site  since Sunday, make sure you see how she determined the winner of her 50 Followers giveaway – it had me grinning ear to ear!

In fact, her website is a prime example of Magic Realism; the real world is clearly there, but the whole thing gives you a sense of wonder and optimism, that miracles are hiding around any corner, if you only look for them.

And that sense of whimsy even came through the mail.  I mean, how can such a mundane little mailer . . .




. . . hold such wonders?






I love that card!  It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.  Inside she said that she’d sent me an additional talisman to remind me to shine brilliantly.  I was feeling especially down the day this came in the mail, and the Magic Realism worked it’s miracle and made me remember to do just that.


004     006


You can see all of the glitter that stuck to me!

Now, as to the color:





Now this is a true Magic Realism color.  It almost so many colors all at once.  First off, can you see the granite-ness in this color?  It has a shimmer, for sure, but it’s not quite like most shimmers.  Look near the top of the bottle, where the pool of polish has pulled away.

The first layer I put on almost seemed like it would be enough.  And of all of the colors that come to mind with a name like Molten Metal, you know what I thought?  Lavender.  Can you kind of see it?





I put on another layer, and then, for good measure, I added a third and final.







The first two shots are indoors with flash, the bottom two in sunshine.  But I’m just absolutely stumped as to what color to label this.  In addition to the aura of lavender, I also see some rose.  But there there’s also the distinct brown/gold/copper look.  It’s what you want it – or need it – to be.




This color reminds me strongly of Chanel’s Kaleidoscope, but not so much by color, but by it’s malleable nature.  Diana says “there is something about Molten Metal that is both industrial and fantastical.”  I have to say I agree.

It’s official, I freakin’ love this color!  If you can find it, buy it.  Seriously.  This may well be backup worthy for me.

Thank you so much, Diana, for not only giving me such a stunner, but for being the White Rabbit to my Alice :)



  1. How wonderful for you to win. I'm really pleased that you've won! Diana really knows how to make a gift special. I also love that card.
    The Molten Metal is really a gorgeous color. Very pretty.

  2. What an awesome package from Diana! How thoughful of her :)

    That nyc color is pretty darn amazing, grats!

  3. I am so glad you are happy with everything. It was so nice to be able to send a treat your way. The color is lovely on you. It was auspicious the message on the pendant arrived at the right moment.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my blog. You are a dear lady. Alice certainly found many remarkable adventures. I am sure there are some in store for you.

  4. It is SUCH a gorgeous color! I loved it on Diana and I love it just as much on you. Congratulations on winning, and she is so sweet, such a cute way she has doing her little drawings!

  5. Lucy - Thank you so much. Isn't Diana just a neat lady?

    Kae - I knew I liked it when she posted about it, but I had no idea how much there was to it!

    Diana - Thank you again; I always did love Alice's books, maybe I should pull them off of the shelves again!

    kittyluvscolor - Thanks!

    Nicole - She really does put a lot of thought into her drawings, doesn't she? It's one of those amazing stunning colors, I hope you can find one for yourself soon!

  6. This is a gorgeous color! And what a package :) Congrats on winning and thanks for the swatches!!!

  7. beautyjudy - Thanks! It's, I think, the second thing I've ever won in my life, and I'm so lucky it's such a great thing to win!