Sunday, September 6, 2009

My own little disco ball – Epilogue


There’s a little epilogue to my tale of sadness

I was dragged down the street by His Royal Dadness

How long has it been that you’ve even thought of Bart Simpson’s “Deep, Deep Trouble”?  Maybe not long enough for some of you, but ever since I thought of this title, that line has been running through my mind.  So I thought I’d share:



Usually I don’t write about polishes I’m currently wearing so that I can give more of a full review – bumper-to-bumper, as it were.  But I was so excited to share Nova with you, I just didn’t want to wait!

Well, today I had a little strip of the polish pull right off one of one of my nails, so the whole mani had to go.  (Truth be told, though, I had another, better reason for removing this today, that I’ll tell you about tomorrow :)

Anyway, as Mary had warned me in a comment from the last post, this was less than a joy to remove.  beautyjudy was right, I wish I had felt to take it off with.  Unfortunately, I only had cotton squares.  You know what my nails looked like after nearly a half-hour?





Granted, that time was spent on both hands.  But that was using pure acetone, which works really fast with regular polish.  It never takes more than two squares, and often only one.  Not this time; I think the last stand was taken with piece number four.  It was a valiant battle, to be sure.

I even had to take some acetone to the back of the nail (see my middle nail?), meaning  I would  have to reapply my Breathe Life.  That’s okay, it needs to be refreshed from time to time, anyway.  (In case you’re curios, you can see what a single layer of it looks like on my ring finger, above.

So, these super glitters are great fun to wear, but they aren’t a whole lot of fun to take off.  In my personal opinion, though, they are totally worth it.


  1. Haha! The glitter lover's lament! :) I hear that using pieces of felt with polish remover is good for getting glitter off but I've yet to try it out. God, that song takes me back. That and "Do the Bart-man" :)

  2. Ugh! I feel your pain LOL!!! I believe I got the tip from The Nailphile originally, and then Painted Lady Fingers said she cuts her felt into squares slightly larger than her nail. So that's what I do. 29 cents a piece at AC Moore for white felt, I cut it up into small squares. I put the cut pieces into an old cotton ball bag, and use them with acetone to remove glitter. You will always have to work to get glitters off, but definitely not a half hour! but you are right - Nova looked gorgeous on you and it was worth it!

  3. Nixxy - It is indeed! Well, isn't that part of the dual nature of good and evil? Without the lament, would we *truly* appreciate the glitters? LOL!

    beautyjudy - I may do that - when I looked at felt at Sally's it seemed a bit overpriced for - well, felt. And thank you so much :)

  4. Oooh, glitters are such a pain to remove, but I agree, worth it! I've been using a tub of acetone that has "spikes" for lack of a better description, on the inside. Little plastic spikes all the way around it. I rub my nail against the spikes and it helps to quickly remove the glitter, it takes me around 10 minutes tops. I then use one of my sugar scrubs and follow it with some cuticle/nail oil to help recovery from acetone. Seems to be a good routine! But I do want to try out the felt, I think it would be a good alternative to cotton balls in general!

  5. I was going to give the same advice as Nicole did. I use Salon Pro Nail Polish Remover. This is what Nicole uses also. It has the soft plastic brush that you rub your nails against. The best thing is that it's refillable. I just dumped the polish out and washed out the container. The inside plastic part pops out with some work. I just replaced it and then filled it back up. I does a good job with the glitter. I don't mind working to take it off. I love glitter so it's worth it.

  6. I know how you feel... :-) I find it easier to remove glitters if I got a thick basecoat under it. it can be shear or color one...

  7. Nicole - I remember reading about that little inverted sea anemone (grin!), but I don't know that I've ever found it - grr!

    Lucy - When I saw Nicole's post, I figured your stars had to be aligned to find it, but if you have it, too, then maybe it's not as HTF as I thought. And if it's refillable, and you don't have to constantly get replacements, it'd be worth the hunt, I think!

    Inbal - I've never heard that before - I'll try that, thanks!